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Accumulation Member Application Form

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1. General Details

2. Tax File Number (TFN) Notification

Please refer to Individual Tax File Number Notification in Section 7 of the Member Guide for further information on providing your TFN.

3. Do you currently have a superannuation fund?*

4. Would you like to transfer your super if applicable?*

5. Rollover/Transfer from another Fund

If you have any other superannuation accounts that you wish to transfer to your account, please complete the request below. Please complete a separate request for each rollover institution.

Details of the Funds you are rolling out of:

6. Nomination of Preferred Beneficiaries

This section is to help the Trustee decide who should receive any benefit payable from the Plan in the event of your death. It is not binding on the Trustee but your wishes will be followed where possible. The Trustee has discretion over the payment of your death benefits, but under superannuation legislation death benefits can (generally) only be paid to a dependant or your estate (see Section 3 of the Member Guide for more information). If your circumstances change, you should alter your nomination by notifying the Member Administrator in writing.

To the Trustee – Strictly Confidential.

I am aware, if I have not lodged a binding death nomination that in the event of my death whilst a Member of the Plan, the benefit provided under the Deed is payable at the Trustee’s discretion to one or more of my dependents, my estate, or such other person as the Trustee determines to be validly entitled to the benefit. In such event, it would be my wish that the benefit be paid to the person/s nominated below in the proportions shown. I understand that it is a statement of my personal preferences only and that it is in no way binding on the Trustee.


Members have the option to make a binding death nomination, details of which are in Section 3 of the Member Guide. If you wish to make a binding death nomination, please request a copy of the binding death nomination form from your Financial Adviser. If you make no nomination at all, under the Plan’s Trust Deed, the Trustee is required to pay any death benefits to your estate.

7. Privacy

Please note that by sending the Trustee personal information about yourself, you are agreeing that the Trustee can use it for the purposes of running your superannuation account. If you have any questions about your rights under the privacy legislation or to see a copy of our privacy policy, please call the Member Administrator on 07 5555 5656 (Important – refer to Section 3 of the Member Guide for a summary of our privacy policy).

8. Regular Contributions

If you wish to make regular contributions to your superannuation account please tick the preferred method below and we will send you the necessary forms to commence the savings plan.

9. Investment Selection

I direct the Trustee to invest my account balance and any future contributions in the investment options detailed. I have read the Sections 4 and 5 of the Member Guide.

* Total (must add to 100%) *

10. Application Declarations and Signature

Before you sign this application form the Trustee is obliged to give you the PDS. The PDS and Member Guide will help you to understand the product and help you understand if it is appropriate to your needs.

  1. I apply to be a Member of the First Guardian Division of the DIY Master Plan under the Trust Deed and acknowledge that I am bound by the provisions of the Trust Deed (as amended from time to time) and the terms and conditions summarised in the PDS and any incorporated information into the PDS from time to time.
  2. I have obtained, read and understand the PDS and Member's Guide provided with this Application Form and any information incorporated into the PDS which is relevant to my decision to apply for a Superannuation Account and any selection or nomination made by me in this Application Form.
  3. I acknowledge that in the event of any inconsistency between the Trust Deed and the PDS (including incorporated information), the Trust Deed will prevail.
  4. I confirm acceptance of the fees and costs detailed in the PDS and incorporated information and authorise the deduction of these fees and costs from my Account.
  5. I understand that the value of my investment may rise or fall from time to time and that neither the investment performance nor the repayment of capital is (or can ever be) guaranteed. Further:
    • •   I understand that neither the Trustee, appointed service providers, any related entities or their respective employees guarantee the capital or performance of any available investment strategy or underlying asset or investment.
    • •   I undertake to do all things required by the Trustee to ensure my participation in the Plan complies with relevant legislation or regulations applicable to superannuation funds.
    • •   I authorise the Trustee to release information concerning my superannuation entitlements to the Trustee’s service providers.
    • •   I acknowledge that where I fail to provide any required information or documentation that the Trustee has the right not to accept this Application Form or any instruction for a transaction and that the Trustee will not be liable for any loss that may arise
    • •   I acknowledge that the Trustee may terminate my involvement in the Plan if I do not comply with its terms and conditions including the obligation to be advised by a Financial Adviser at all times.
    • •   I consent to the Trustee providing me with my annual statement, fund report or any other disclosure documents required under the relevant law by sending it to my email address (as set out in this Application Form or advised by me from time to time) or by such other electronic means as the Trustee considers appropriate from time to time.
    • •   I acknowledge that my Account does not commence until the first contribution is received and allocated to my Account.
  6. To the extent permitted by law the Trustee disclaims and I release and indemnify the Trustee in respect of any liability which may arise as a result of me investing in any investment available in the Plan.
  7. I acknowledge that the Trustee has appointed a number of service providers to assist it to undertake its role and that reference to the Trustee should be read broadly, where appropriate, to include its service providers, in particular, in relation to giving such service providers the benefit of all acknowledgements, indemnities and releases given to the Trustee.
  8. I declare that all of the details given in this application are true and complete and that I am able to make these declarations.
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