Islamic Principled Super Fund Australian Islamic Super provides Investors with access to Australian Choice Super, via a pathway that meets the requirements of Australia’s Muslim community. Australian Choice Super is an ethically managed, Shariah compliant Superannuation Fund, that is distributed in Australia through a family of brands that together embrace the principles of sustainable and socially responsible investment

Our mission within the community

First Guardian Super continues to proudly play an active role in supporting Australia’s ethically minded investor community by providing educational services and donations to community groups and service providers. Our focus is on meeting the needs of our members through developing financial services that are in accordance with their ethical standards. Our main objective is to maximise members’ investment returns whilst adhering to ethical principles. To achieve this we abide by clearly defined socially responsible investment guidelines and we utilise a multi-style investment approach, well diversified across asset classes. We believe this allows us to take advantage of future gains, whilst offering a balanced, well-structured portfolio.

First Guardian will invest along socially responsible criteria in which both internal (employee relations and labour practices) and external (stakeholder and community relations) aspects are assessed. Social criteria are based on worldwide minimum standards and best practices and also take into account the manner in which companies deal with human rights issues internally, in their supply chain and in the communities in which they operate. We consider communities in both a local, and global sense.

Investment Philosophy

First Guardian utilises a multi-style investment process, that evaluates which factors or styles are driving market returns, and adapts to position portfolios to benefit from that style. For example if the market dynamics are favouring value investments then we will utilise value metrics to score stocks for selection. If macroeconomic issues are dominating, we will use macro dynamics in assessing what stocks are favourable. We work to advance the betterment of the community and environment, contributing to positive, beneficial change.

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